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Case Vacanze Paloma Peschici Gargano Appartamenti per vacanze stile AgriturismoCase Vacanze La Paloma

Residence apartments for vacations on the Gargano à Peschici-Gargano. . 

Località Piana  -  71010 Peschici Gargano ss.89 per Vieste - (FOGGIA)  

Case Vacanze la Paloma,

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"Case Vacanze La Paloma"



The centre "Case Vacanze La Paloma", constructed in brickwork, is situated in a space immersed in the green of the olive trees. Practically and functionally equipped, it is run directly by the owners. It offers ideal holidays for families and lovers of tranquillity; 

 2.5 km from the sea and from Peschici, a 5 minute drive from the beach via an internal road with less traffic. Sports lovers can easily reach the sports centre in the city, 600 m from Case Vacanze La Paloma. 

La Paloma has: internal parking, external and internal hot showers, washing machine with tokens, playground, solarium on the terrace, Wi Fi ADSL connection gratis free, gym, table football,latest generation swimming pool with waterfall effect and multi-coloured led, solarium, audio plant. We have a free shuttle service twice a day (times vary according to clients’ requests), morning: Departure from 9.30 return at 12:30, Afternoon from 5:30pm to 6:30/7:00pm for Baia di Peschici.

Also free shuttle service for the Tremiti Islands and for the Tour of the Caves. The evenings in Case Vacanze La Paloma are spent together with all the clients under a wooden gazebo, with homemade Limoncino, lemon crème and wine by the owners. Children will not go without sweets, icicles and popcorn, fun will be assured with music of all types, group games, bruschette and table football tournaments. For those keen on singing, la Paloma has a Karaoke system. Case Vacanze La Paloma has five groups of buildings with private entrance, veranda, bedrooms, modern kitchen, and bathroom with shower.

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Solarium in the terrace


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Tastings produced typical of the Gargano
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Park plays, kick balilla
Music and karaoke
Parking lot: shaded, inside structure
Swimming pool with solarium
Tv  Led
Admitted, in small ransom
Ping pong
Language foreign language: French
Language foreign language: German
Wi Fi  - ADSL Free  gratis


Peschici is situated in the northern most part of Gargano, among the last foothills of Monte Pucci and Torre di Sfinale. Rightly considered the "pearl of Gargano", Peschici is on a sheer cliff above the sea. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Peschici, one of the most attractive gems of Gargano, extends gently from the cliff overlooking the sea, offering the fascinated viewer a look at its high coasts, majestic, alternated with golden sandy beaches of the blue sea, studded with tourist resorts, residences and villas embraced by perfumed pines forests. Five minutes from the sea and the town, in the plains of Peschici, there are the Case Vacanza La Paloma, holiday apartments for a farmhouse style holiday, immersed in the green of ancient olive trees; the entire tourist resort is run directly by the owners.  At Case Vacanze La Paloma you will find an excellent quality price ratio, with offers  and Last Minute. Check our all inclusive formula. Situated in Puglia in Peschici del Gargano, Residence apartments for a farmhouse style holiday.





In the northern most part of Gargano, between Monte Pucci and Torre di Sfinale, there is Peschici. Deservedly considered the "pearl of Gargano", Peschici owes its name to its position on the top of a cliff above the sea (in fact Peschici means "sheer cliff ").




At the feet of the cliff the coast is riddled with caves and creeks alternated with wide golden beaches. Along the coast up to Vieste hidden creeks and marvellous bays suddenly open on the rocky coast of Gargano. Baia San Nicola, Baia di Manaccora / Manoccore,  the beach of Cala Lunga, Baia del Turco and above all the wild Zaiana – also known as the beach of the youth because of the exciting parties in the summer nights – offer visitors a variety of landscapes and lifestyles difficult to find in other areas of the promontory. Near some of these places, on the more remote rocks, there are the “trabucchi”, ancient constructions of wood used by the fishermen to fix their fishing nets. A summer meal at sunset in one of the rustic restaurants near these “trabucchi” is an undeniable pleasure.


Description: Peschici dominates the shining, crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea from the top of a sheer: the last piece of land, beyond which, on very clear, transparent days, ancient Dalmatian fables appear. What we can see afar is an uncontaminated landscape, ancient, silently still, blinded by the light of the Mediterranean sun that vibrates powerfully on the sea and on the houses in an attempt to stop time. Brilliant with light, Peschici takes us to a world of dreams and fear where life gains the profound meaning of battle and challenge. The most ancient part of the town was built in 1070, at the time of the Saracen invasions of Gargano,  these invasions were defeated and disarmed by Sueriplo, duke of Schiavoni,  who having driven the Saracens out, was awarded by Ottone the lands taken from the invaders. The houses with their white, shiny facades, the typical chimneys, the elliptical domes, the long flowered balconies and the high doors with the famous staircases without handrails which, in the past, due to their danger, were pulled up, have the ancient and modern fascination of the oriental  and Mediterranean cities. The old part of the town is still partly surrounded by very old walls. On the edge of the cliff there is the Castle, of medieval origin it belongs to the monks of the Tremiti Abbey. It was destroyed and rebuilt various times. At the feet of the high cliff there is the Abbey of Calena, founded in 872 by Ludovico II, Emperor of the East who also decorated it with towers and merlons. Some still exist today even if they have been noticeably restored.
The wide and picturesque beach extends like a lace on the silent and sparkling plane of Calenella at the edge of which there is the Mount Pucci and the famous “trabucco”. There are many caves and caverns, dug in the rocks by the salty seawater. This is where nature creates itself, in marvellous landscapes of pure beauty and evocative of a painting effect. Nearby there is a fantastic azure sea, the bay of Manacore, the most striking of Gargano. The typical Mediterranean-style buildings, with Arab domes that are well inserted in a landscape yet to be ruined by cement. Here, the tourism phenomenon shows its full social value, able to modify the aspect and economy of the entire area.