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Residence apartments for vacations on the Gargano à Peschici-Gargano. . 

Località Piana  -  71010 Peschici Gargano ss.89 per Vieste - (FOGGIA)  

Case Vacanze la Paloma,

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holiday apartments for vacations peschici gargano puglia

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Discovering the Trabucchi. The “trabucchi”: ancient and ingenious fishing instruments which can be found along the coast between Peschici and Vieste, meeting point of the sea, the sky and the earth. They will be the unique scenario of an unforgettable excursion in tales, fishing demonstrations and memorable tastes.
The itinerary starts in Peschici from cave of Manaccora where the Gargano National Park financed an excavation campaign lead by the Archaeological Superintendence of Puglia. In this cavern many clues were found on the activities carried out by the ancient dwellers, like weaving and metal working that fix the date of the settlement in the Bronze Age. From the Peschici Cave, along a footpath one can reach the necropolis at the top of the cliff. From here the visitors can not only admire the view on one of the most beautiful bays of Gargano but they can also visit the “trabucco” of Manaccora.
Caves of Castellana
The entire area known as Bassa (Lower) Murgia has strong Karst characteristics and the wide depression in which the town of Castellana is situated is particularly rich in sinkholes, caverns and precipices. One of these, notably wide and deep, was considered by the inhabitants a bottomless abyss, antechamber of the underworld populated by monsters and ghosts and for a long time it was used as a type of dumping space. The speleologist Franco Anelli was the first person to descend the Grave in 1938 and proved that it was in fact a system of caves formed by an ancient underground river. 


  The Umbra Forest. In the heart of the Gargano National Park and not only for its geographical position, is the Umbra Forest. In Puglia, the Italian region with the lowest percentage of National woods (57%), this is a pleasant exception. It is one of the biggest broad-leaved forests in Italy with approximately 15 000 hectares. Entering its hidden recesses is like taking a trip back in time: in fact, its composition is very similar to that of a primitive forest. One can walk through it for kilometres in a woody cathedral under a multilayered vault. From the shady forest to the marine transparency. From the Umbra Forest to Peschici, in a few kilometres one can reach the sunny dimension of the Gargano coast. Nestled at the top of a spur surrounded by the sea, Peschici is the symbol of marine tourism in Gargano: its unmistakable monolith stack known as "Pizzomunno", is among the most famous images of the Puglia coast. Vieste, like the other neighbouring coastal towns  Peschici and Rodi Garganico, has in its candid architecture in the narrow streets of the historical centre, original reminders of the oriental world; a world that Puglia has always, in good and bad, had uninterrupted commercial relationships with.  

holiday apartments for vacations peschici gargano puglia